When the temperatures fluctuates between warm and cold, our immune system starts weakening and we become more susceptible to catching something like Covid-19, aka the Coronavirus. There may have been minor freak outs in the past such over SARS, Ebola, and the Avian Flu but it seems the government and people all around are taking this more seriously – the Wold Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic.  

And while most have been protecting themselves from the coronavirus by working from home and avoiding all human contact, there is one haven where we need to be the most cautious – the gym.

Working out when the weather gets cold is one thing but should we avoid the warnings of potential cold/flu or Covid-19 hotbeds in an effort to stay healthy? Or do we push through and maintain our workout routine to preserve optimal health and the ability to stave off sickness?

The answer (duh) is the latter. Not that we need to remind our devoted readers that your workout stops for no one (or no germ), we wondered what health experts had to say on the matter.

Joe Rubino, Lysol’s resident expert on germ transmission and cold and flu prevention, agrees with us.

“The more physically fit we are, the more likely we are able to fend off any infection,” says Rubino, a licensed microbiologist, aka, germologist. “I wouldn’t recommend that, during the winter, you change anything that works for you as far as your workout.”

Since avoiding the gym is out of the question, what should you be aware of during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure a virus-free workout? What are the do’s and don’ts? We’ve enlisted Rubino to guide us through the landmines and cover everything from the equipment you use to the gear you wear.


13 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick at The Gym

Avoid contracting an infectious disease with these preventative tips.

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