If there was a breakout bodybuilding star in 2019, it had to be the United Kingdom’s Luke Sandoe. Aside from his presence and physique onstage, his charisma and hardcore training captured the attention and following of many people not only in his homeland but around the world.

Sadly, Sandoe’s exciting career was cut short when he died unexpectedly in May 2020. He was 30.

The bodybuilding world mourned the loss of such a young, exciting star who had so much potential. He placed third at the 2019 Arnold Classic, and placed outside the top 10 at that year’s Mr. Olympia.

At the 2019 Tampa Pro, he placed second behind the legendary Dexter Jackson, proving that he was a force to be reckoned with. Numerous athletes, including 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry, remembered him as someone who made people smile both on and off the stage.

Of course if you followed him on Instagram, then you already knew what made him so special. His muscles, opinions, and incredible feats of strength were on display regularly to inspire and entertain his followers.

These posts show he was destined to be a star.