The 2023 Olympia Weekend is where you can see the best physique athletes in the world compete, entertain, and inspire you. The Olympia has been recognized as the ultimate showcase for bodybuilding, but in recent years, it’s expanded to make an impact on the entire fitness industry as a whole. Not only can you see the best athletes, but you can learn from the best experts as well thanks to Olympia University.

The event is being organized by Dominate Your Game (DYG), who has put on several learning experiences like this throughout the fitness industry. Michael Palmieri is the Director of Research and Performance, and he explained that events like this have been in greater demand in recent years.

“People became very concerned about their own health, much more concerned with how to take care of themselves, how to prevent illness or recuperate from illnesses faster, etc.”

Olympia University could easily be associated with bodybuilding because of the rich history behind the Olympia name and brand, but this is about much more than contest prep alone. Fitness enthusiasts ranging from beginner to advanced could use this opportunity to set themselves up for short and long-term success.

“They can learn much more about how to improve themselves beyond what they may find on the internet,” said Palmieri. Olympia President Dan Solomon saw that self-education events like this would be a natural fit for the Olympia, which is why it was a part of the 2022 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas and will be a part of the 2023 Olympia World Fitness Expo as well.

“The idea is to provide practical and real-world education for people beyond what has been studied and researched,” Palmieri stated. “We want to provide something that they can take home, put their hands on, and use it personally or for clients or athletes.”

To do this, DYG reaches out to various experts and medical professionals to speak directly to the attendees to offer their guidance and share knowledge. Aside from the various seminars, there will also be roundtables that give people a chance to directly ask questions that could help them move forward. According to Palmieri, regardless of what you perceive to be your “best,” these fitness advocates can help provide the guidance and answers to help you achieve it.

“The stuff we’re talking about is applicable to all levels, not just athletes, but everyone male or female.”

The experts that will be a part of this panel range from bodybuilding experts to nutritionists to strongmen coaches and everything in between. They have a combination of research, real-world experience, and background. Regardless of what aspect of health and fitness you want to learn more about, you can gain knowledge that you can apply long after you return home from Orlando. The current lineup for the weekend is below, with more possibly to be added.

  • Rick Collins, Esq
  • George Touliatos, MD
  • Thomas O’Connor, MD
  • Eric Fete, DO
  • Jordan Grant, MD
  • Lee Doernte, PhD
  • Jordan Moon, PhD
  • Cynthia Miranda, DAT
  • Lacy Puttuck
  • Danese Rexroad
  • Nathan Payton
  • Ali Gilbert
  • Andrew Coates
  • Nick Lambe
  • Dave Lee
  • Luke Leaman

Olympia University could be seen as a small sample size of the Olympia Weekend itself. People from all walks of life from around the world gather to celebrate fitness, wellness, and ourselves. Palmieri expressed that not only can you feel that sense of community at this event, but you can also gain a gift that can keep giving long after the signs come down and everyone returns home – self-improvement.

“We all have the same interest, no matter what the facets are. Whether you’re a strongman competitor, bodybuilder, fan, being a gym rat, or getting healthier because of dealing with a medical condition, it all comes down to basically taking care of ourselves.” For more information and to register for Olympia University, go to You can also follow @mrolympiauniversity and @dominateyourgame on Instagram.