The 2013 Arnold Classic Fitness winner is Tanji Johnson!

Cristina (Vujnich) Liberatore had the pleasure of interviewing Tanji after her well deserved win at the Arnold Classic. Radiant, buoyant, and light on her feet, Tanji exhibited–both on and off the stage–what it takes to become a fitness champion.

Tanji was not without some strong competition.  Oksana Grishina displayed a balanced feminine physique on the fitness stage, in a standout routine that showcased her artistry and strength.  

We're glad to see Bethany Cisternino making her way back up the ranks.  Likewise, we extend a huge  "welcome back" to Trish Warren after taking a hiatus to give birth to a beautiful girl with her husband and IFBB pro Branch Warren.

Final Placements:

1st: Tanji Johnson

2nd: Oksana Grishina

3rd: Bethany Cisternino

4th: Trish Warren

5th: Regiane DaSilva

6th: Ryall Vasani

2013 Arnold Classic

Arnold Classic 2013