Another successful NPC Junior Nationals has come and just like money in my bank account, it’s gone and in the books.

Watching the show from the press pit provides me with a unique and up-close experience I never had prior to working within the industry. I get to see athletes before they hit the stage and speak with them in a pretty informal manner. When athletes like Adam Cohen hit the stage and look completely different from how they look a day prior, it’s pretty awesome.

I had a chance to catch up with some of the people that I admire in the sport on the amateur level such as Brian Yersky, Kevin Jordan, Zinjun Croon and Kevin Tomasini. All are cool, calm and collected individual who will do well in their contest prep. I did tell Kevin since he was so big that if he didn’t shred up for Nationals I was going to hit him in his chest (just kidding Kevin…………or am I?)

The overall winner of the show, Brian Pasquale looked phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong, every class winner looked good, but he was head and shoulders above everyone else. Big, thick and in condition. It was suggested that he doe’s the USA’s and he will answer that call. I hope to see him do well.

On the trainer side, it’s always nice to catch up with Chad Nicholls. I call him and “O.G. Guru” because he’s been in the game a LONG time and has shown what he can do on a high level. I never get to pick his brain like I would like but I’m sure we’ll cross paths again.

Overall, a great NPC Jr.Nationals and a great weekend. Much thanks to my camera guy Chris San Juan for helping me with interviews and I hope it got him inspired for nationals. Look for us next year, same Flex time, same Flex channel!

2012 NPC Jr National Results

Men's Overall
Anthony Pasquale

Super Heavyweight
1. Rudy Richards
2. Rasheed Oldacre
3. Nicholas Palermo
4. Eric Posejpal
5. Steve Spaulding

1. Anthony Pasquale
2. Matt Burzacott
3. Lucian Costea
4. Francisco Rodriguez
5. Shiloe Steinmetz

Light Heavyweight
1. Adam Cohen
2. Sylvester Cain
3. Brian May
4. Lawrence Morrison
5. Jason Compton

1. Adam Reich
2. Keith Tuzzolino
3. Glen Montgomery
4. Thomas Arnone
5. Brien Dawson

1. Armando Aman
1. Tim Ward
3. Dickens Fenelon
4. Michael Castlegrande
5. Anthony Rainey

1. Jerry Foss
2. Ike Krocos
3. Robert Sheilds
4. Thomas Lyman
5. Oscar Quijada

1. William Anger

Women's Overall
LaDawn McDay

Women's Heavyweight
1. LaDawn McDay
2. Kasia Topor
3. Julia Thompson

Women's Light Heavyweight
1. Kelly Bigliazzi
2. Gina DeArment
3. LeQuida Sanders

Women's Lightweight
1. Kerri Arnone
2. Julie Currie

Men's Physique Overall
Sadik Hadzovic
Men's Physique A
1. Sheridan Hause
2. Tyler Anderson
3. Michael Ferguson
4. Ronald Boyden
5. LeVar Phoenix

Men's Physique B
1. Scott Lamb
2. Pierre Vuala
3. Matthew Cardwell
4. Preston Noble
5. Ken Rawlins

Men's Physique C
1. Sadik Hadzovic
2. Anton Antipov
3. Christopher Villa
4. Keenon LeBlanc
5. Csaba Molnar

Men's Physique D
1. Trevor Larsen
2. Jake Routt
3. William Sullivan
4. Ryan Vinson
5. Paul Harris

Women's Physique A
1. Lauren Lessnau
2. Jill Vadala
3. Evie Rae
4. Alexandria Mossbarger

Women's Physique B
1. Betty Vasquez
2. Shannan Roskam
3. Audrey Presson
4. Kim Bell
5. Elizabeth Crenshaw

Women's Physique C
1. Amanda Bendorf
2. Brandi Richards
3. Heather Henslee
4. Jill Dearmin
5. Kendel Dolen

Women's Physique D
1. Casie Shepherd
2. Danielle Deck
3. Erika Laine
4. Wendy Bogard
5. Lynnie Brooks

    Fitness Earned Pro Card
Fitness Overall
Darrian Tissenbaum
Fitness A
1. Amanda Hatfield
2. Babette Mulford
3. Alexis Paige
4. Danielle Chikeles
5. Shannon Goering

Fitness B
1. Darrian Tissenbaum
2. Lishia Dean
3. Ashley Sebera
4. Kimberly Stroup
5. Stephanie Yu
Fitness C
1. Jennifer Bishop
2. Deborah Sizemore
3. Sara Lassig
4. Jenna Walters
5. Barbie Thomas
Figure Earned Pro Card
Magela Cambronero
Sarah Venturini
Dana Ambrose
Mallory Halderman
Tanya Etessam
Chaya Boone
Figure Overall
Mallory Halderman

Figure A
1. Magela Cambronero
2. Aubrey Reavis
3. Angela Coleman
4. Jacqueline Thomas
5. Jessica Thompson
6. Tracy Pruitt
7. Yeny Martinez
8. Heidi Chappell
9. Kristen Young
10. Rene Brosch
11. Colleen McMahon
12. Rebecca Lerner
13. Karen Salinas
14. Cristina Gomez
15. Rosalind Gutierrez

Figure B
1. Sarah Venturini
2. Kelly Hater
3. Jennifer Mariarty
4. Cinderella Richardson
5. Nicole Preston
6. Moriah Kardas
7. Janelle Ucci
8. Cecilia Caputo
9. Nicole Logan
10. Stacey Morton
11. Linda Farrington
12. Linda Simnick
13. Christie Mader
Figure C
1. Dana Ambrose
2. Kelly Keiser
3. Dani Ronquilio
4. Jennifer Cordovez
5. Christina Watson

Figure D
1. Mallory Halderman
2. Ciara Blowers
3. Simone Maybin
4. Roci Ruiz
5. Marci Colliau

Figure E
1. Chaya Boone
2. Dawn Fernandez
3. Tara Zito
4. Tia Angle
5. Krista Dunn

Figure F
1. Tanya Etessam
2. Amy Puglise
3. Dawn Hinz
4. Sarah Wernert
5. Michelle Beck

    Bikini Earned Pro Card
Bikini Overall
Lacey Deluca
Bikini A
1. Lacey Deluca
2. Noy Alexander
3. Sarah Oldakowski
4. Elspeth Dana
5. Alectra Kelley

Bikini B
1. Vida Guerra
2. Candice Conroy
3. Melissa Sayles
4. Laura Oswalt
5. Alexxa Condon

Bikini C
1. Katherine Portillo
2. Heidi Patterson
3. Amanda Otero
4. Katherine Williams
5. Jessica Andrade

Bikini D
1. Jennifer Elliott
2. Haley Davis
3. Kathryn Elkins
4. Ashley LeBlanc
5. Trista Anderson

Bikini E
1. Janelle Saitone-McGuire
2. Adrienne Crenshaw
3. Amy Allen
4. Amber Orton
5. Alexandra Zerega

Bikini F
1. Ruth Harrison
2. Nakita Nedd
3. Brittney Layne
4. Ana Dosaj
5. Myschon Bales