Exercises didn’t just exist. It’s not a fact that ever crosses your mind, most likely, but every variation of a curl, press, pull – you name it – was the kernel of some bodybuilding enthusiast‘s imagination at some point.

Through the centuries, strongmen have sought new ways to impress and entertain the masses; bodybuilders invented moves for increased hypertrophy; and powerlifters tried any variation that would help them lift more weight. Fast forward to today, and the list of exercises that exist could probably reach the moon and back.

To both educate you and celebrate the innovators behind some of the more unique exercises that exist, we’ve compiled a list of eight moves named after legends of weight lifting. You’ve probably heard of some of these exercises like the Arnold Press but some may be new to you.

Either way, we encourage you to read up and then find a way to work these into your workout program. After all, every move on this list is a result of trial and error, and they’ve stood the test of time for one reason – they work.


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