Bodybuilding isn’t an easy lifestyle to follow. It’s a road that’s filled with blood, sweat, and injuries. Most dedicated bodybuilders live and breathe the heavy iron. Sometimes the results are perfect and it can lead to greatness while other times it can lead to heartache, or even worse — death. Its important to keep in mind some bodybuilding concepts to keep yourself grounded and focus no only on your training and physique but your well being.

Bodybuilding is a competition, a competition against the guy lifting more weight, against that guy spending more time in the gym, meal prepping, and perfecting hitting that pose. Its also a competition against ourselves. This sense of competition drives not only ourselves but also the bodybuilding community as a whole. But it can go too far. So far that we are no longer building our bodies for the better but instead breaking it down for the worse.

It’s understandable that bodybuilders who are constantly chasing that perfect physique can take it too far with their training. Former eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, one of the greatest bodybuilders, was plagued with injuries that forced him to undergo several surgeries which left him paralyzed. Does he regret it? No. The Netflix original documentary Ronnie Coleman: The King is a cautionary tale that shows how some bodybuilders can take the lifestyle too far and jeopardize their health and well-being.

Bodybuilding is much more than lifting weights and building huge muscles. It’s community of experts and beginners alike looking to improve their health, fitness, and physique. So here are bodybuilding concepts that all bodybuilders should use every day.


The Bodybuilding Basics for Total Beginners

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