If you thought Beyoncé was the only member of the Knowles family with a hot body, you’ve been proven wrong. Tina Knowles knocks out a solid set of resistance band donkey kicks on her Instagram account. It looks like her trainer might have pushed the 62-year-old to the limit limit that day, judging by her death stare at the end and the fact that she’s listening to the song “Mad” by daughter, Solange. In her caption she wrote “I got a lot to be mad about. I am mad at Patrick for these damn rubber bands on my legs this is hard enough as it is!”

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Knowles seems to have mastered how to get a great workout in without leaving her house. In the Instagram video below, she does some bodyweight exercises to get her core in killer shape. 

Mama Knowles is a great inspiration to not only women her age, but to all women who want to find time to exercise without getting to the gym. If you ever need some motivation, hit up her Instagram to help you turn the corner with your fitness. 

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