Halle Berry has always been in incredible shape and sported a gorgeous physique. But lately the star seems to have kicked it up a notch when it comes to her fitness routine. The mom of two looks decades younger than 51, and, even with great genetics, maintaining a physique as fit as Berry’s undeniably includes a solid exercise and diet regimen.

Rather than keep fans guessing, Berry took to her Instagram account to introduce them to her “secret weapon”—trainer, martial artist, and actor Peter Lee Thomas. She shared some photos of Thomas as part of his introduction, and (unsurprisingly) he’s absolutely shredded.

In the caption, she writes that although she’s learned from every trainer she’s had over the years, Thomas has changed her life.

“Besides being an all around wonderful human, he’s a trainer, martial artist, fellow actor, and nutrition specialist! With his help, I have learned so much about fitness and nutrition and I’m excited to share it with all of you,” she writes.

“He’s taught me boxing, self defense, and much more. Not only am I in the best shape of my life, but I can actually defend myself and most importantly… my children! As a woman there is nothing more empowering. I’ll be launching #hallewood very soon and within that community, Peter will be laying it out! In 2018, he’ll help all of us get healthier, stronger and more fit!”

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The star announced that she and Thomas will answer fans’ fitness questions each week on “Fitness Friday” until her fan website, Hallewood, relaunches. In the duo’s first Fitness Friday installment, Berry posted a response to people who’d love to get fitter but don’t know how to get started.

Getting started is easy, Berry explains in the post: All you have to do is decide to go for it. Thomas advises starting out by walking or doing jumping jacks for cardio, and using light weights or water bottles to start out. Berry even included a video of Thomas demonstrating a move that you can do with nothing more than said water bottles—plank pulls. Check out the video in the second slide of the post above.

Going forward, we can expect nuggets of fitness advice from the pair each week until her site relaunches. (After that, Thomas will presumably act as a contributor on that platform.)

Berry started her Hallewood fan site in 2000 to connect with fans more directly, but shut it down in 2004. Now, she’s relaunching the site because she feels it’s more important than ever for her to have control over her representation in the media, she explained during a panel at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Social media is empowering in many ways, but the part that is concerning for me, especially with my personal brand, is that that power can be misused,” she said. Even just taking photos with fans can lead to rumors that she’s dating countless men, she explained.

Follow Berry on Instagram at @halleberry to keep up with her fitness routines and for more tips from Thomas.

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