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Instagram Star Amanda Lee’s Bikini Butt Moves

The fitness trainer shares her favorite butt exercises for head-turning glutes.

Instagram Star Amanda Lee’s Bikini Butt Moves

Certified personal trainer Amanda Lee has become a social media sensation, with more than 3.8 million followers on Instagram (@AmandaEliseLee) who follow her page for butt workouts, fitness motivation, okay, and the sexy photos. We chatted with the Los Angeles-based Instagram star to find the workouts she does to get those amazing glutes.

M&F Hers: What was your motivation to get started with training?

Amanda Lee: I started a training routine because I was super thin. I was really skinny and scrawny, and I hated it. In high school, I weighed 98 pounds and I was always really self-conscious about it. So around college, my mom was really into fitness and working out so she kind of showed me the basics and got me comfortable in a gym. Then, I started working with weights, building up a little bit of muscle, eating more protein, and I started to gain a little bit of weight and felt much more confident. That’s how it all started. It was a way to build confidence, get stronger and be healthier. For me, it was never about losing weight. It was always about being stronger.

How often do work your lower body?

I used to do it twice a week, but I just recently started doing three times a week.

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What does your glute workout usually look like?

It usually consists of one heavy day, where I’ll do squats, leg presses, and walking lunges holding weights or curtsy lunges with a weighted bar. Then I’ll do one lighter day, where it’s more of a cardio workout like step-ups, side-to-side steps and jumping, such as jumping lunges and frog jumps or stairs.

How often do you change up your workout?

I change it up every time. It’s impossible to have a completely new workout every time, but I try to at least change something about the workout every time. Whether it’s just changing around the order or I’ll think back to what I did in my previous workout and make sure I never do the same workout twice in a row.

What is the most challenging butt exercise that you do?

They’re all pretty challenging. I would say when I go up in weight it’s the most challenging. I started out skinny, so my body type is not necessarily super muscular and it’s a challenge for me to build muscle. Any time I add heavier weight, it’s challenging.