It’s understandable for fitness stars not to want followers seeing them at what they feel is less than their best, but that’s not the case for trainer, fitness author, and former Muscle & Fitness Hers cover star Jen Widerstrom

The former Biggest Loser trainer and Diet Right for Your Personality Type author took to Instagram on Thursday to post side-by-side progress shots on the first day of a ketogenic diet challenge that she accepted via Instagram. She admitted that posting the photos was more difficult than she’d thought it would be, and that they made her realize that she could use a diet reset

“Per my last post I said I would take on this challenge and frankly accepted it because it’s something I thought would be fun,” Widerstrom wrote, “but in looking at these photos I don’t think I realized how much I truly needed the push.”

In the caption, Widerstrom revealed that she’s had a stressful six months, and that they’ve taken a toll on her eating habits and mental health. Now, she said she’s at a crossroads.

“I have the decision to [either] shift my headspace and be better [because] I know better, or to go into f*ck it mode, give in, and avoid what scares me longer,” she wrote. And it’s pretty clear what she’s chosen, since she’s embarking on a 17-day keto diet challenge. She’s never tried the diet method before, and said that she’s excited to try it so she can speak on it from experience. 

“I’ve never attempted a keto system before,” Widerstrom wrote on the post in which she accepted the challenge, “so I figured it was about time I ran myself through it, so I could give you all honest feedback about it.”

Widerstrom is known for being open with followers, and has taken to Instagram in the past to share photos proving that what we see on social media is a highlight reel. She’s shared everything from her least flattering angles to photos taken before she began her fitness journey, showing that anyone can decide to start living a healthy lifestyle and get fitter than ever.

Jen Widerstrom

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