The Ultimate Guide to Bulletproof Your New Year's Resolution

The No.1 thing to do this year to make your resolutions real.


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It’s 2018! A new year. A new beginning. So how do you make sure to kick butt this time around? You need apply only one rule to your most important resolution—give it 100%.

The best business advice my business (and life) mentor gave me was, “99% is hard, 100% is easy”. Too often we are 99 percenting it. We delay a CrossFit Level 1 or 2 certification because our schedules are too tight. We have an idea to start a supplement business or enter a fitness competition but don’t begin because “the timing isn’t right”.

What we really mean is we're just not at 100%. 

Here's how to apply the 100% rule to your life, stat.

1. Know What You Want

The first rule of getting what you want is knowing what you want. Priorities exist to give us clarity. They force us to contemplate the specifics of what it is that we want to be, do, or have. What do you most want to achieve this year? This is what will receive your 100%.

2. Make It Achievable, But Not Easy

In coaching we call the best goals “stretch goals”—possible but with some stretch. We always want to push forward. It’s how we grow and feel happy. Is your 100% goal a stretch enough? Be honest. Make sure it’s something that, when you’re working toward it, you feel tested, inspired, and proud.

3. Act

Part 3 is most important. Nothing, nothing, nothing changes without action.

Remember: All the best goals are deadline-driven. We need the why and the what, but also the when. If your goal is ongoing (for example, to take 10 minutes daily for meditation), then it’s simply a daily commitment. But give yourself no choice but to do it and you can tick it off your mental list every morning with satisfaction.

4. Make It Easy to Stay On Track

There are such great resources available to keep you focused. My favorite go-to’s include reading How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell, listening to the "Being Boss" podcast when I’m on the go, and using the Evernote app to stay organized and on top of my to-do list. 

The sole reason I published my first book this year was that I heard this advice. It was two years in the making and then published within two months. There were no more decisions to make over when to sit down and write. It was type or die.

The right mindset and tools support you to make success much easier. But you just have to decide to commit to it 100%.

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