3 Dynamic, 30-minute Fat-burning Routines

Torch fat in no time with these three routines that will definitely break the norm.

Tom Corbett

Workout 1: The 30-Minute Med Ball Melter

Dynamic 3-min. Warmup

Complete each exercise in order two times through.

  • Glute Bridges (10 reps)
  • Forward Lunge With Rotation (5 per side)
    • Pause at bottom of lunge and plant the hand of the back leg on the floor inside the front foot; rotate chest toward front knee while reaching to the ceiling with hand of front leg. Hold for 2 sec. and then switch.
  • March in Place (30 sec.)


Do these six exercises as a circuit with five Medicine Ball Slams between each exercise. Rest 30 sec. after medicine ball slams. Complete three rounds.

  • Walking Lunge With Torso Rotation Holding Medicine Ball at Chest (10 per side)
  • Alternating Pushup With Med Ball Under One Hand (5 per arm)
  • Forearm Plank (45 to 60 sec.)
  • Single-leg RDL Holding Medicine Ball (10 per leg)
  • 10 Pullups (if needed, use an elastic strap or weight-assist machine)
  • Russian Twist With Medicine Ball (10 to 20 per side)

Workout by Hollis Tuttle, RRCA-certified running coach, Mile High Run Club, New York City