If you’ve been experiencing more pain at the supermarket checkout counter you’re not alone. Food prices for everything from cereal to eggs to meat have been on the upswing with another average 2.9% hike expected for 2024, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Will it ever end? No wonder Americans are spending more of their income on food than ever before. Nobody argued that grass-fed beef and kombucha were ever budget-friendly choices. But it doesn’t seem fair that we keep taking a hit on the prices of more pedestrian staples like bread and eggs. This makes you wonder if you can embrace the “New Year New You” ethos through better eating without going broke.

Well, the good news is that with some smart grocery shopping choices, you can certainly stay better on track financially without any major surprises at the cash register. The key is to target foods that provide high amounts of nutrition for the least amount of cash. (No, that is not Chilean sea bass.) Penny-pinchers rejoice, these easy-to-find cheap foods can help you build muscle and ramp up your health without draining your bank account.