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The Fast-food Joints with the Most Low-carb Options

We all know you shouldn't rely on fast food, but here's what to do if you have no other option.

Fast Food Cheese Burger and French Fries
Jonathan Knowles / Getty

A recent survey of the menus at five popular fast-food restaurants found that Taco Bell has the most low-carb options, with 19, along with the most fish (24) and veggie (24) options. McDonald’s came in second place with eight low-carb items on the menu. Steer clear of Starbucks if you are shunning carbohydrates, since it has only two low-carb choices besides coffee on the menu.

Although you may be able to find something from a fast-food joint that you can eat in a pinch, the key is to know what you’re looking for. Your meal should include something that is low in carbs, has protein, and has a little bit of healthy fats if possible. 

For McDonald's specifically, the best way to avoid too many unwanted carbs is to ditch the buns and ketchup. You should also shoot for any grilled chicken options, whether it’s in a wrap or sandwich. Also beware of the little add-ons that can turn a meal south such as croutons or added bacon.

Moral of the story, fast food should obviously not be a staple in your diet if you’re taking your figure seriously. However, you should learn how to maneuver through a fast-food menu in case you’re in a situation in which that is your only option.