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Fat Scorching Body Weight Workout

This dynamic routine delivers, with jump training as the cornerstone.

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Box jump exercise
Box jump exercise

Incorporating explosive exercises and conditioning sessions into your training will make you more athletic—and make you look better.

The Body Weight Workout

What It Is

A nonstop, fat burning, circuit routine designed by Los Angeles–based fitness coach Andy McDermott. It covers power via box jumps, upper-chest development with incline pushups, core work by way of V-ups, and total-body conditioning thanks tothe mountain climbers. “When you incorporate box jumps into a circuit, you’re training like an athlete,” says McDermott.

Why It Works

Because the exercises are strategically sequenced to promote constant movement. Pushups and V-ups will give your legs a break after box jumps so you won’t need to stop and rest. “I love this workout because it’s fast and effective,” says McDermott. “Keep this circuit going continuously for 10 minutes and you’ll be feeling it in no time.”

Tools Needed

Plyometric box or other stable surface to jump onto

How To Do The Box Jump
1. Jump explosively to the top of the box, landing with soft knees in an athletic position.
2. Step down from the box in a controlled manner to avoid knee or ankle injury. Don’t jump down.

Perform the folllowing exercises as a circuit, going from one to the next. Repeat the circuit as many times as possible in 10 minutes. Rest as needed between rounds.


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The Workout

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