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Nitrosigine: The Blood Flow Factor

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Nitrosigine®, the advanced ingredient from Nutrition 21, is one of the most impressive ingredients to hit the marketplace since the advent of blood pumping, energy providing, pre workout supplements. With the unique combination of arginine and silicon to better the effects of oral arginine consumption, Nitrosigine was created out of the need to find a way to get that well-known amino acid to do what it has long been touted as doing but previously unable to. Scientists have known the power of arginine for decades. From untouched raw to various bonded forms, supplement soothsayers have tried to get results from oral consumption of arginine. And while the effects have been marginal, for the most part, when you look beyond the hype, you can’t find the results. That is, until Nitrosigine jumped on to the scene.


The key to success is having what you need when you need it whether in business, life, or building muscle. With business you need a deep supply of resources, with life, you need balance and energy, and for muscle development, you need building material. In the world of muscle-building, we know all too well, that many of the very best ways to improve size, strength and endurance are just simply not within our means. Other than the stand-by well-proven conventional ingredients like protein and creatine, most have negligible benefits on improving some of the most important aspects of training such as providing energy and fueling faster recovery. What if I told you Nitrosigine could deliver on all of these aspects? A little far-fetched? I thought so too until I did a little research and took a closer look.

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The Nitrosigine Difference

Up until now, various ingredients have been used to try to improve blood flow3, enhance energy2, increase focus3, and improve recovery8. But where most of those ingredients failed or left off, Nitrosigine was just beginning. The main issue with oral ingestion of ingredients is that too often, they simply do not make it to the target tissues or to the blood for a variety of physiological reasons. Arginine, a precursor to an important factor called Nitric Oxide (NO), is one of those ingredients. So while it has powerful effects, it needs some help.

Nitrosigine, with its unique bond of arginine and silicon, has been shown to enhance blood arginine levels for up to 6 hours3. Where Nitrosigine excels, is in its unique inositol-stabilized ionic bond of arginine and silicon. This specific bond of two normally occurring and safe ingredients, exerts its influence when in the blood. In a pre-clinical study, Nitrosigine increased blood flow more than twice as effectively as Arginine-HCL3, and was almost 5 times more powerful at relaxing (dilating) blood vessels8. Research has proven that Nitrosigine enhances NO, increases arginine levels for up to 6 hours after ingestion3. Users have claimed several post workout benefits along with a better overall feeling during the workout itself. Nitrosigine has been shown to enhance cognition and mental acuity within 15 minutes2, a likely benefit to making the workout feel easier. We also know that silicon is a key component of improving arterial wall elasticity. Nitrosigine has been shown to increase silicon plasma levels6 and thus supplementing with Nitrosigine beyond single workouts may have longer term performance and health benefits.

It is not surprising that Nitrosigine has been gaining much attention with not only supplement formulators, but bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike, as the results have spoken for themselves. Besides the fact that you get increased blood flow3 to power workouts, better focus3 in and out of the gym, and superior energy2, perhaps the most important factor is that you recover faster8. Thus, it stands to reason, that over time, with more efficient and energized workouts, you will not only feel better, but you will reach your goals faster. That makes Nitrosigine a valuable ingredient for regular use and not just a killer pump.

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