The Best Post-Workout Whey for Maximum Muscle Growth

Choosing the best post-workout supp to fuel your training goals just got a whole lot easier.

Yea, we know we sound like a broken record telling you for the billionth time that “abs are made in the kitchen,” but it’s true.

Whether you’re looking to shed fat or gain muscle, the diet and supplement routine you follow has got to complement your training regimen or you’re never going to hit your goals. This is true when it comes to fueling your workout, and even more so after you train.

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No matter what your routine, it’s critical post-workout to provide your body with just the right mix of protein plus nutrients so that you can blast calories, repair and rebuild muscle tissue, and maximize muscle growth.

One good option to help you hit your goals in all of those areas is MuscleTech’s new line of customized, innovative all-in-one whey protein blends. Both scientifically developed products deliver a high-quality dose of clean, fast-absorbing whey.

Nitro-Tech Ripped combines that whey with proven fat fighters like CLA, leucine, and green tea to maximize the kick to your metabolism post-workout, while Nitro-Tech Power blends creatine, leucine, and BCAAs to help boost testosterone levels and spike overall muscle growth.

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