To lose weight fast and keep your body fat down within your set ideal body weight goal is toughreally tough. If it wasn’t then every dude in your commercial gym would be walking around with six-pack abs and social media wouldn’t blow up every time a celebrity got into great shape

If you’ve ever attempted to lose weight, then you know exactly what we mean. At first, you can just cut back on some junk, while still enjoying some cheat meals, and you’ll see the number on the scale drop. Then, 10 to 15 pounds later, your progress will slow and you’ll need to cut out the junk and booze altogether. Still, that’s not that bad, right? It’s the final 10 pounds of a cut that is the hardest. 

That’s because when you’re trying to lose weight the Adipose tissue, aka body fat, is the energy that our body stores for if we run out of food. It’s a survival tool. So your body starts to fight back and resist as you slowly chip away at your energy reservesbut your body still wants some of that fat. 

If you’re nearing that final phase of a cut, then you’re in luck. We curated nine science-backed fat-loss hacks to help you speed up the rest of the process. Assuming the rest of your diet and training are airtight, then adding these tips to your routine will only push you across the finish line.

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