Walk into any commercial gym, you’re bound to see someone doing endless crunches or situps in the pursuit of a six-pack or skinnier waist. There’s nothing wrong or bad about these types of exercises because there is no bad or good, just the right fit for you. But there are more effective ways to build core strength or the six-pack you desire than the regular overrated core exercises that you’re doing

When a half-dozen well-respected coaches were asked to come up with some of the most overrated core exercises, all six were quick to fire off a host of moves that do very little to fire up your midsection. Even better, the coaches came up with better, more effective alternatives to the standard core mores.

Instead of doing overrated abs exercises, try these underutilized, more effective move that will actually build real-world core strength. And you may even acquire that desired six-pack along the way.

Let’s dive in.

Ab Workout

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