There’s nothing like back pain to derail a steady workout program and disrupt everyday routines. Most of us will endure chronic back pain at some point in our lives—especially now that we spend so much of our time sitting and hunched over computers and smart phones.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. An effective back workout not only develops the muscles that give us a broad, V-shaped torso but also counteracts the effects of sitting and hunching. If we can create stability through the hips, midsection, and shoulders—the massive area covered by the many layers of back muscle—we can reduce the possibility of long-term ailments, including back pain.

Fortunately, we can strengthen and stabilize our backs at the same time. By working big muscle groups along the posterior chain, we inevitably pull in many other muscles, making a back routine one of the more effective and efficient ways to train. That’s especially true in a superset routine when we alternate push-pull movements or upper and lower body to keep things moving.

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