Full-Body Exercises

The 3-Round Body-Weight Circuit for Strength and Size

This body-weight circuit will absolutely fry you.

Man Doing Pullup
Edgar Artiga / M+F Magazine

What is it: 

A full-body workout, using only your body weight, that hits all your major muscle groups from head to toe with no rest in between moves or rounds. The goal is to get through it—with pristine form—without stopping.

When to do it: 

Hit this as a stand-alone workout or, if you’re missing a few marbles, after a training session.

Performance tip: 

For the higher-rep moves like side lunges and handstand shoulder touches, break up your sets into smaller sets so you don’t burn out. As you get stronger and your endurance increases, you’ll find that you can eventually do all the moves without taking a breather.

How to do it: Upper-body Boot Camp

Directions: Perform three rounds with no rest between moves or rounds.

Exercise / Reps 

  • Squat stepup / 15 per side
  • Handstand shoulder touch / 20
  • Pullup / 10
  • Burped box jump / 10
  • Side lunge / 20 per side
  • Decline pushup / 15
  • Hanging leg raise / 10
  • Plank hip dip / 20 per side&

Pro tip for squat stepup: Stand with step at side, using a height that challenges you; squat with one foot on the floor and one on the step.