The kettlebell bottoms-up clean not only challenges your core—because you have to stabilize the kettlebell by the handle—but also works it in a more functional way than simply hammer­ing out crunches. Think about it: Everyday activities like running and picking something up off the ground require your core to work in con­junction with other body parts like the hips and glutes.

The same is true with the bottoms­-up clean. So while it may not be a direct abs move, it teaches your body to work as a unit and builds core strength from various positions.

How to do it

  1. In a shoulder-width stance, pick up a light kettlebell with one arm and allow it to dangle between your legs.
  2. Hinge at the hips, so the kettlebell goes through your legs, and then drive your hips forward, so it explodes upward. Allow your arm to travel, and then catch the kettlebell, bottoms up, with your arm at a 90° angle. Squeeze your core and hold the KB for a second or two.

Form tip

Start light. If catching the kettlebell in the bottoms-up position proves too difficult, try catching it in the front-rack position.