Workout Plans
  • Goal: Burn Fat, Hypertrophy, Balance
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Days per week: 6
  • Type: Bodyweight
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You don't need heavy weights and crowded gyms to get a full-body, fat-shredding workout.

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So you want to get lean? I’ve been training for (gulp) 25 years, and I’ve whittled away at the most efficient and effective way to train my body and stay lean. Nothing gets my metabolism fired up better than circuit-style workouts, which tax my total body. I’ve put together four weeks-worth of bodyweight sessions that focus on moving your body as one machine -- the sum of its parts. You'll train six days each week, three resistance days, three purely cardio days, and one recovery day each week. When you finish the program, it will be worthwhile to repeat, ramping up your intensity as you are now familiar with the movements and your body has learned to perform them well.


I like to train for a certain amount of time, say 20 minutes after my warmup, and see how many rounds I can get done in that time. However- I only train as quickly as I can maintain disciplined form and full range of motion! Don’t sacrifice good quality exercise just so you can go fast- that’s silly!


If you “hate” running, then open up your options and choose a variety of other exercises- swimming, cycling, jump rope, elliptical, etc. The key is to get up and MOVE!


I always tell my clients; If you eat junk, you’re going to look and feel like junk. It doesn’t matter how much or how hard you train, you must get good fuel in your tank if you want to see positive change. So for the next two weeks, focus on clean protein and colorful vegetables at least three times a day -- with some healthy snacks thrown in throughout.

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Remember -- you shouldn’t eat until you’re stuffed, and you shouldn’t wait until you’re starved to eat. Keep it simple! 

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