It seems as if fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike are constantly coming up with new exercises to facilitate growth and better development of every single body part, including legs. 

While sometimes it’s simply nice just to try new things in the gym, and other times the focus of trying these new exercises and hitting a muscle from different angles is to help break plateaus, it’s important to remember that the basics of building strong thighs remains the same today as it has for years.

Wisconsin native Jordan Plantiko, world champion powerlifter turned 2019 IFBB Chicago Pro and Omaha Pro Classic Physique champion, is no stranger to heavy-duty, old-school leg workouts, and with a certified 705-pound squat as a teenager, his results speak for themselves. 

Here, Plantiko takes us through a typical quad day and shows us how you don’t have to get fancy or creative to get serious results.



Leg Press

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