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Tyler’s Old Workout

Tyler W. from Pasadena, TX, sent us his workout to review. See it below, followed by our advice on the next page.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Sets: 4  Reps: 10–12

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
Sets: 4  Reps: 10–12

Cable Lateral Raise
Sets: 4  Reps: 10

Bentover Rear-delt Flye
Sets: 4  Reps: 10

Barbell Shrug
Sets: 4  Reps: 10

Dumbbell Shrug
Sets: 3  Reps: 10

M&F Rating: B-

See new and improved workout on next page.

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Tyler’s New Workout

Our Advice: While you seem to be going for a variety of movements, you’re training the muscles very similarly. You can replace both the dumbbell and machine presses with the standing overhead press to add size and strength with a more efficient movement. There’s no need to do two kinds of shrugs in the same workout, either. Lastly, by supersetting pushing and pulling motions, you’ll cut down training time.


1A Standing Barbell Overhead Press
Sets: 5  Reps: 6–8

1B Cable Face Pull
Sets: 5  Reps: 8–12

2A Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Sets: 4  Reps: 8–12

2B Bentover Rear-delt Flye
Sets: 4  Reps: 8–12

3 Dumbbell Shrug
Sets: 3  Reps: 12–15

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