Workout Routines

7 Unexpected Full-Body Workout Moves

Put a fresh spin on your training - and achieve new muscle growth - with these seven ultra-novel lifts.

leaning one-arm dumbbel flye

It’s bound to happen. After training every bodypart once or twice a week over the course of many months, and subsequently many years, you’re going to get a little bored with your basic exercises. Barbell and dumbbell presses, rows, squats and curls are great - and by all means, keep doing them - but at some point, you need something different that’ll not only keep your brain stimulated, but will also spark additional muscle growth. What you need from time to time are some new exercises. And since we imagine most of you have tried damn near every variation of every lift you can think of, we decided to come up with a handful of others.

Truth be told, this is the third time we’ve offered up “Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of” (the last time was a while back), but we just never get tired of trying to come up with creative moves for you - in this case, one new exercise for each major muscle group. We also never tire of helping you build more muscle. So introduce some novelty into your training with these seven ideas we’re betting you’ve never imagined.

1) Leaning One-Arm Dumbbell Flye

Muscle group: Chest (specifically the upper/inner pecs)

When to do it: As the last exercise of your chest workout

Why to do it: This move is great when you can’t do low-pulley cable crossovers because the station is being hogged by some guy who can’t stare enough at his bi’s while doing high-cable curls, or if you train at home and don’t have a pulley apparatus. It will work the upper and inner pecs, which show off nicely in a V-neck shirt. Trust us, the ladies will notice.

How to do it: Grasp a stationary object (like the vertical support of a power rack or a pole) with one hand. Keep your feet near the support apparatus and straighten your arm to lean away from it at about a 45-degree angle; grasp a dumbbell in your opposite hand with that arm perpendicular to the floor. Keeping just a slight bend in your elbow, lift the weight in an arc toward your opposite shoulder. Repeat for reps, then switch sides.

Parting advice: Be sure to use a relatively light weight. Keep the reps high (in the 10-15 range) and hold for a few seconds at the top of each rep while squeezing your working-side pec.

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