Mike and Viv Addo, better known as “Mr. and Mrs. Muscle,”, are the “Couples’ Goals” fitness enthusiasts with millions of social media followers, and they prove that a Valentine’s Day workout is a great way to start the day of love.

M&F caught up with the driven British duo, who are originally from North London and now operate their highly successful personal training business from Dubai, to find out how working up a sweat in the gym can keep the passion flowing elsewhere. Lovingly, we were also treated to an exclusive couples workout that you can try at home before popping the cork on the bubbly!

So, do MrandMrsMuscle really perform a Valentine’s Day workout together? “Haha,” laughs Mike. “As Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, we will definitely squeeze in a full body workout! One that will be sure to get the heart racing! Plus, let’s face it, keeping the heart strong is a great benefit from any type of workout!”

These guys definitely have the right idea when it comes to making the most of their romantic day. “As for celebrating, we have a lovely dinner planned at a Thai Restaurant by Michelin Star Chef David Thompson, a good old Netflix session is also in the pipeline, and we’ve even bought a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ‘Netflix & Chilll’d’ ice cream just for the occasion!”

The powerful pair first met at age 11 in 2001 at school during a one-on-one sprint race in the playground, and not much has changed since. They started dating at 15 and got married at 22. They are still as competitive as ever. Mike is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, and Viv has a Sports Science Degree in addition to her Level 3 PT qualification. “Viv has been a huge help for me and I am always learning knew things form her,” says the adoring Mike.

While Viv is the lead creative programmer when it comes to workouts, Mike also excels in experimenting with different angles and positions (in the gym, we mean!) to get the greatest contraction or tension out of each move. “Once it all comes together, it feels like magic,” says Mike.

HIIT Me Baby One More Time!

Try this workout for three rounds of 40 seconds work, with 10 seconds of rest between each exercise. “With this workout, we have kept the plyo movements to a minimum, and focused on compounds,” says Mike, explaining that the couple have formulated the circuit so that is it comfortable for most people.

And, don’t worry if you need to modify this workout depending on your own fitness levels. MrandMrsMuscle offer more than 700 workouts with inclusivity in mind. Modifications are included in this workout video for the jumping squats and pushups. You can also experiment with decreasing or increasing the number of rounds, and by tweaking the number of seconds on each move. Right, Let’s get those hearts racing!

MrandMrsMuscle Valentine’s Day Workout

Exercise 1:

Squat Hold to Squat Jump

Exercise 2:

DB Deadlift to Bicep Curl

Exercise 3:

Push up High Five

Exercise 4:

High Knees with a Pause

Exercise 5:

Plank DB Pull through

Exercise 6:

Sit up High Fives

Bench Press with Spotter

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