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Edgar Artiga / M+F Magazine
Edgar Artiga / M+F Magazine

Finish out the final four weeks of the Rock Hard Challenge to get beach-ready by summer.

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The Warmup

Perform this entire warmup on all weight-training days. On cardio days, exclude the shoulder pre-exhaust portion. Done correctly, the entire warmup will take 20 minutes: 10 minutes to jog, 5 minutes for the dynamic warmup, and 5 minutes for the shoulder pre-exhaust.

  • Treadmill Jog - 10 min.
  • Squat - 20
  • Pushup - 30
  • Lunge - 10 per leg
  • Pushup - 20
  • Lateral Lunge - 10 per leg
  • Pushup - 10
  • Crunch - 20
  • Jackknife Situp - 10
  • Front Raise - 10
  • Lateral Raise - 20
  • Rear-Delt Raise - 20
  • Shoulder T Combo* - 10
  • Reverse Shoulder T Combo** - 10
  • Plyo Pushup*** - 10

*Raise the dumbbells straight out in front of you as you would for a front raise, then, instead of lowering the weights, spread your arms out to your sides to form a T. Bring the weights back in front of you, then lower them. That’s 1 rep.
**Bend over at the hips, keep your back flat, and perform a rear-delt flye. Hold your arms straight out to the sides, then sweep your hands forward straight out in front of you. Bring the weights back to your sides, then lower. That’s 1 rep.
***Explosively perform a pushup so that your hands leave the ground as you reach the top position. Don’t land stiff; absorb the impact of the landing by simultaneously lowering yourself into the next rep.

Heart-Rate Calculator

Throughout this workout, you’ll see cardio intensity expressed in terms of maximum heart rate (MHR) percentage. To estimate your MHR, use this simple formula:

220 MINUS YOUR AGE - So, if you are a 25-year-old male, your MHR would be 195 beats per minute (220 – 25 = 195). On days when you need to reach 85% MHR, you’d multiply the 195 by 0.85, for a target heart rate of 166 for that cardio session.


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Phase 2 Weekly Routine

Weeks 5 to 8

  • Day 1 Full-Body Circuit Start
  • Day 2 Full-Body Circuit Start
  • Day 3 Steady-State Cardio Start
  • Day 4 Full-Body Circuit Start
  • Day 5 Full-Body Circuit Start
  • Day 6 Steady-State Cardio Start
  • Day 7 Rest/Light Cardio Start