As a child, you nagged your parents to push you higher and higher on the swing. You felt like you could fly. Good times. You might be a little old for the swing, and now it’s your kids bossing you around to push them higher. Maybe not as much fun, but still there’s still the opportunity for pretty a good playground workout .

Although the swing is fun, with some creativity and forethought, it is a tool somebody can use for rocking playground workout. When you do not haven’t the time or access for your regular workout Chris Cooper, a strength and nutrition coach at Nerd Fitness, gives you an ingenious outdoor swing workout to stay on the gain train.

You’ll see the swing in an entirely different light.

The Playground Workout: Outdoor Swing Workout

“Some of the best outdoor workouts come from using what’s around you,” Cooper says. “In my backyard, this means using the tree swing set up for my kids. Using this for simple exercises like rows, push-ups, split squats, and rollouts can provide a quick workout without adding equipment.”

These four exercises hit all areas of your body that you’d want to use in a full-body workout, and in a pinch, they will maintain your gains in your chest, back, legs, and arms. One of the more effective ways to incorporate this into your training, especially if you can’t get to the gym, is to set rep goals for the day rather than doing a 30-minute workout where you have to carve out time.” explains Cooper


1A. Swing Inverted Rows

1B. Swing Pushups

1C. Swing Elevated Split Squats

1D. Swing Ab Fallout

Swing Workout Training Tips:

Set a realistic rep goal for the day, for example, 50-100 reps, and mark them off every so often as you get to them throughout the day, especially if you’re spending the day outside doing yard work or playing with your kids.

You can break the sets into ten reps or aim for technical failure in each set, but the goal is to hit your target rep mark for the day.