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Instant Muscle: The Landmine Squat

Don’t let knee or back pain stop your legs from growing. Squatting with the bar in a landmine unit ensures perfect technique and a full range of motion.

Instant Muscle: The Landmine Squat

How to Do the Landmine Squat

1. Load one end of the bar into a landmine unit, or wedge it into a corner. Grasp the other end and stand with your feet at shoulder width.

2. Take a deep breath and bend your hips back, squatting as low as you can. Push your knees apart as you descend.

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QUICK TIP: The arc the bar travels allows you to stay more upright than you would when doing a back squat. This lets you squat deeper, hitting your quads better, and protects your lower back. Supporting the weight in front of your body works the core as well. You can also use a landmine setup for presses and rows.

You can pick up a landmine unit for your gym for $75 at

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