At Muscle & Fitness we’re driven to shed some light on every aspect of the fitness world. There is no one way to get in shape. We want our readers to explore the multitude of possibilities beyond the confines of a standard gym floor. And so we’re tasking one of our own—Deputy Editor, Zack Zeigler—to go on a unique fitness journey and bring his experiences to you in our new series—WORKOUTS YOU’VE NEVER TRIED.


M&F's Zack Zeigler with Don Saladino, Drive 495

You may have picked up one or two over the years in an effort to build more size, strength and power, but it’s unlikely that you’ve used the multi-functional kettlebell quite the same way as you’ll see it used in this fourth installment of Workouts You’ve Never Tried. 

Originating from Russia in the 18th century, the kettlebell has proven to be an outstanding and highly effective training tool for both conditioning and strength. Today, weight trainers throughout the world continue to take advantage of the ‘bell’s many benefits. Such is the case with Don Saladino, co-founder of the gym, Drive 495 in New York City.  

A big advocate of kettlebell training, Saladino created a total-body thrasher that incorporates KBs in a variety of unique ways to build a bigger, stronger, more powerful, finely-tuned physique. “We’re going through a kettlebell workout, all right, Saladino says. “I want to look at six movements. I want to look at how you swing, how you clean, snatch, squat, military press, and Turkish get-up.” I think the bell is an incredible tool. From a mobility standpoint, from a strength training standpoint, from a power standpoint, even from an energy systems, cardiovascular, you can kill every bird with just this one stone.”

Each of the 6 moves in this workout will push your muscles to the brink. You’ll start things off with the kettlebell swing, and from there move on to exercises that you’ve likely done in the past with a barbell or dumbbell, such as the Clean, Military Press, Squat, Snatch and lastly, Turkish Get-up. “You’ll train the entire body. Every one of these movements, it doesn’t target one area of the body. They’re all full-body moves,” says Saladino.

So what did Zack have to say when it was all said and done? “While it was just six moves it felt like 600,” the sweat-soaked, M&F Deputy Editor said. His three takeaways from the Drive 495 Killer Kettlebell Workout: “One, no matter if it’s your warm-up, strength training, power training, or metabolic training the kettlebell has a home in every area of your routine. Two, as Don said, you have to train at the intensity level that will make your workout a success, and that doesn’t always mean cranking it up to 11. Three, it’s okay to be a work in progress. Fitness experts know it all. Fitness enthusiasts want to learn it all.”

M&F's Zack Zeigler with Don Saladino, Drive 495

Don Saladino, of Drive 495, with M&F Deputy Editor Zack Zeigler.  

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What is “Workouts You’ve Never Tried”?

In this new series—presented by the makers of 5-hour ENERGY Protein Shots—Zack will be taking on fitness exploits that push him far out of his comfort zone. Zack’s traditional, gym-honed strength and conditioning will be tested with routines he, and others prone to focusing on the fundamentals, would normally never consider trying. Watch what happens when a gym rat tries some of the most creative and challenging workouts the wide world of fitness has to offer.


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