The sport of bodybuilding is a global one. The IFBB Pro League features and promotes athletes all over the world. One of those athletes is women’s bodybuilder Michelle Jin, who has already placed in the top three at the 2022 New York Pro and Toronto Pro contests. The significance of that is that it was her return to the stage after nearly two years of recovering from back and neck injuries.

“I took a break from weight training for two years. So, two years, no training, and I pretty much lost all the muscles,” she told FFF co-hosts Whitney Jones and Lenda Murray. She said that she began training again around ten months prior to this interview because she has one goal in mind.

“I want to compete in the Olympia this year,” she said boldly. Jin takes nothing for granted because of how she was raised. She told the hosts that her father and brother were slaves for the government in China, working for the military. Their limited land was all they had to live off of, which means their diet consisted mostly of vegetables and rice. They had no electricity, either. They did have animals. One of Jin’s jobs was to take care of the pigs, rabbits, and 100 ducks – yes, 100.

“We had to dig out the worms in order to feed them,” she explained. “I had to go cut the grass to feed the bunnies.”

Jin would eventually relocate and pursue her bodybuilding passion after she grew up, Her family express concern because of the different culture and lifestyle, but Jin remains focused on being her best for her sport and herself in America.

“I have a better life here.”

Jin spoke more about her upbringing, her inspirations growing up, and why she loves the sport of bodybuilding as much as she does. You can see this episode as well as all episodes of Femme Flex Friday by going to or subscribing to the Wings of Strength YouTube channel. Don’t forget to follow @wingsofstrength on Instagram as well.