There are two popular discussions that are consistently taking place online; who will win the Olympia, and who are the stars of the future? There will be a lot of talk about the first question leading up to the 2022 Olympia Weekend of December 16th through 18th in Las Vegas, NV . So, the team of Tim WIlkins, Terrick El Guindy and Chris Cormier discussed the latter on a recent episode of Prime Time Muscle, and the subject was a man whose star is on the rise, Quinton “Beastwood” Eriya.

Eriya has placed in the top five in five of his seven pro shows in his four-year career, but has yet to score a win. He’s been knocking on the door, and the PTM crew all feel it’s a matter of time before he takes that next step.

“I have nothing but stars in my eyes when I think about what he can do with his physique,” said Cormier. “I see so much upside with his physique and so much promise.”

A lot of the reason behind Cormier’s optimism is Eriya’s size. He stands 6’2” with great shape and symmetry. Usually, tall guys have trouble with the lower body, but El Guindy shared that isn’t the case with this man who calls Canada home. He was surprised by what he saw at one of Eriya’s guest posing appearances.

“The guy went onstage and he has massive legs,” he told Wilkins and Cormier. He went on to compare his potential to another rising star in the sport and offer som advice to the 27-year-old phenom.

“All he has to do is fill up the top (upper body) a little bit, and we’re talking about Andrew Jacked number two.”

The crew went on to look at pictures and critique other ways Eriya could meet his full potential and see himself in the final callout of Olympia lineups in the years to come. Check out this and all episodes of Prime Time Muscle now by subscribing to the M&F YouTube channel or signing up for the M&F Plus app.

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