“The Menace Podcast” is normally a great show to find out the latest news and opinions on men’s bodybuilding, but this week was all about the ladies. Eight-time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray was Dennis James’ guest on the roundtable that also included Milos Sarcev and Chris Cormier. The group discussed Murray’s career and some of her friendly rivals over the years, but the topic eventually switched to the stars of women’s bodybuilding today. James asked her if she felt the division was going in the right direction.

“Yes, women’s bodybuilding is going in the right direction, and one of the great reasons why that is the women’s physique division,” Murray answered. She elaborated on why that connection was so meaningful to her.

“Now we’re seeing women like Sheena Ohlig, Andrea Shaw, the women that were in the top seven were all women’s physique competitors before that were afraid to say they were women’s bodybuilders.”

Speaking of Shaw, James put Murray on the spot and asked her who was challenging Shaw for the Ms. Olympia title this year. Shaw explained that the challenge for Shaw isn’t necessarily a “who” but a “what” on her own physique.

“When you turn around to the rear, and you have someone like an Angela Yao or a Mona Poursaleh that are so conditioned, if they are close together, the judges may see Andrea’s glutes and want to see more.”

Cormier follows women’s bodybuilding closely as well, and he feels confident in Shaw’s chances of three-peating on the Olympia stage.

“I think she’s at the place where all she has to do is be in shape and it will go in her favor,” he advised.

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