The May 6, 2022 episode of Femme Flex Friday encompassed world champions all around. Co-hosts Lenda Murray and Whitney Jones both know a lot about winning Olympias. Jones is actually the defending Fitness Olympia winner. Their guests on this show were the first Men’s Physique Olympia champion, Mark Anthony, and the defending Bikini Olympia champion, Jennifer Dorie, have also climbed the summits of their divisions. Anthony and Dorie have significance in the sport of bodybuilding for another reason – they are the first Olympia couple.

Anthony and Dorie were married on Feb. 22, 2022, and Dorie explained that the date was significant for them.

“If you see triple numbers, it’s angel numbers. That’s what it’s considered,” she explained. “When we met in Tampa, my competitor number was 222. His UPS box number at the time was 222 also.”

Aside from that connection, both Mark Anthony and Dorie felt that the union was meant to be. They got married in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is also where they live. Anthony said that getting married in their current city was the obvious choice.

“Outside of our condo, there was a chapel there, and we literally saw weddings happening there all day long,” said Anthony. “It was nostalgic. I said ‘let’s get married downtown.’”

The newlyweds plan on having a bigger wedding in the future, but for now, Dorie has to start focusing on defending her Bikini Olympia title. The 2022 Olympia is being held Dec. 16-18, but she won’t have to travel far. The contest is back in Las Vegas after a two-year move to Orlando. While wedding bells may have been playing in her ears before, her sights are now set on repeating as champion in 2022. Her husband will be there to help her along the way as well.

“Mark does help me out. He does assist in coaching me. We do it together,” she explained. “It does vary based on where I am at, what I need to improve.”

Dorie shared more about how she is preparing for the Olympia, and the couple share more about their decision and how it affects their careers and relationship. Catch Femme Flex Friday every week over at