Since you have experience fighting off vampires, what are three necessities for surviving the inevitable vampire apocalypse?

First, you need a machete. You definitely need a weapon if you’re going to be fighting off vampires all day. Second, you’ll need a motorcycle. Because, obviously, you’ll need transportation, especially something that’ll get you through all types of terrain. And third, make sure to have plenty of cans of tuna.

Your character, Ivory, wasn’t supposed to last very long on the show. What’s the secret to her longevity?

She’s a boss bitch, but fair. She is a warrior inside and out.

What was one of your previous jobs prior to being an actor?

Living in Vancouver, I worked security for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I was downtown, where everyone including the athletes would come and party afterward. It was such an amazing experience; the diversity of people coming from everywhere was so amazing. I’m not sure, though, that most of the people there ever saw female security.

But I’m six-foot, so I can be a little intimidating. You’re also in the process of getting your purple belt in Taekwondo. That, too. I began as a little girl as a way to stay active and share an activity with my father. It’s something I fell in love with, although acting has sort of limited my practice. I plan on, however, working toward earning my black belt, then opening a studio in Vancouver.

What’s the one move you can use to fight off the bad guys?

I would say a turning kick combo: Jump, then a cut-down kick; jump back, and finish with another turning kick combo with a reverse kick. It takes them a while to get off the ground, and that’ll give you time to escape.

And any self-defense tips that an everyday Joe can use?

As my father would say: “The best self-defense? Don’t be there.” In other words, run like the wind.

Can you see yourself going from vampire thrillers to other roles, like rom-coms?

I love giving people thrills and making them jump, but I also love making people fall in love and feel joy. I feel like the world needs some of that love and joy. But, at the same time, I welcome the opportunity to make all different kinds of movies.

What is your next project?

Right now, I’m writing a screenplay and gearing up for a secret acting project.

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