They make everything bigger in Texas, but if Julius Maddox is any indication, they lift bigger in Kentucky. The Kentuckian powerlifter just broke the all-time world record for biggest raw bench press with an eye-popping 739.6-pound lift.

Watch the insane bench here:

The feat happened in Mountain View, CA, where Maddox was attending the annual Boss of Bosses powerlifting meet at Boss Barbell Club. Maddox, who has been lifting for seven years, already holds the American raw bench press record, which he took in June when he lifted 723.1 pounds.

“We weren’t expecting a world record this early—we were hoping maybe by December,” Maddox told the Owensboro Times. “But no one expected this to happen. Some people thought it would not be broken within 20 years, but I came in and changed the direction and changed everybody’s opinion. It’s crazy—I’m blown away.”

A video from another angle seemed to show a close call as Maddox tried to return the bar to the rack, but he confirmed that he was unharmed and the record was made official.

The previous world recordholder, Kirill Sarychev, had nothing but love for Maddox after the incredible feat, which narrowly surpassed his 738.5-pound world record. He shared the video on his own Instagram with the caption: “You are the beast brother @irregular_strength ?? Congratulations ? And thank you for the motivation ?.”

He added a callout to fellow powerlifter and former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall: “See you on platform ? @eddiehallwsm are you with us?”

And Hall responded with a message of his own:

Showing the camaraderie in the powerlifting community, Maddox responded to Hall’s declaration that he was gunning for his title with nothing but support, commenting, “Let’s go!!!!”

Maddox’s road to powerlifting was a bumpy one. His best friend Nick Martin told the Owensboro Times, “I’ve seen him go through drug addiction and trouble with the law to changing his life, serving the Lord and being an active member of his church and a positive member of society. So, I’ve seen his life go full circle from bad to good.”