Navy Air Traffic Controller Breaks World Record for Most Pullups in 24 Hours

Michael McCastle wore a 30-pound vest to up the ante for Operation Enduring Warrior.

Navy Air Traffic Controller Breaks World Record for Most Pullups in 24-Hours

Michael McCastle was never one to accept defeat. That’s why when he failed to break the record for most pullups in a 24-hour time period last year, he was determined to see it through on his next attempt. Not only did McCastle break the world record with a total 5,804 pullups (three more than the previous mark), he also did it while wearing a 30-pound vest throughout the incredible performance.

Why add to the misery with an additional 30-pound pack strapped around your torso? “I wanted to add the extra pack to represent their burden that they carry,” McCastle said, referring to wounded veterans “They don’t take that pack off. They carry it with them for the rest of their lives.” McCastle who is a U.S. Navy Air Traffic Controller has a deep appreciation for the sacrifice made by all those in the armed forces, and has used his passion for fitness to raise both money and awareness for Operation Enduring Warrior and other veteran’s organizations.

The Navy man's record of over 5,800 pullups is extremely impressive, however it's not what's most important to McCastle. Here's what he had to say about the experience on his Facebook page.

“Records will be made, broken and even forgotten.. but there are men and women who have given life, limb and so much more for their country and those they love. To me, that is immortal and should always be remembered,” he wrote. “This event was a small gesture to the ones who suffer in silence and refuse to be defined, held down or limited by their setbacks. The ones who find a way to win no matter what. My body hurts and I may be broken…but I will recover. I only ask that you please remember the brave souls who have fought and returned home, still carrying that heavy pack–the burden of the enduring warrior–but still face their daily challenges with a smile and with no regrets because they now have an intimate understanding of the price of freedom."

On sunday morning I broke the world record for 'Most Pullups in 24 Hours' after completing 5,804 pullups in 22 hours and 24 minutes. I performed this feat while wearing a 30lb pack to represent the burden of the wounded warrior and my will to come back after failure (1st attempt put me in the hospital after 3202 reps) This event benefitted @operationenduringwarrior. It was a privilege for me. "There once was a wolf who hunted only I am the wolf and he has ceased to be." #liveyourlegend#twelvelaborsproject #oew #neverforget #worldrecord #frogperformance #pullups #sore #igdaily #picoftheday #igfitness #fitness #trainhard #military #woundedvet #sacrifice #charity #giveback #oaf #strength #endurance #neverquit #conquer #inspire #greatness #motivation #mondaymotivation #nothingisimpossible

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