The Rock is on location for the movie, Central Intelligence, but that never stops him from getting the work in! This is one of the first times we have seen him working with a medicine ball and this shot would suggest that he is about to bang out a few pushups. Check it out.

We looked into our exercise vault and pulled out the move. Here’s why the medicine ball pushup is a beneficial move for upper body strength.

“The medicine ball pushup is a progression of the basic pushup which builds strength in the chest, shoulders and triceps. Using the medicine ball actively engages the core and improves stability and balance.”

Check out our tutorial on the medicine ball pushup. If you want to vary the move, why not try the alternating medicine ball pushup, the pushup with one arm on medicine ball or for those who want a challenge, the single arm medicine-ball pushup? If it is good enough for The Rock, eh? In this Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson explains the background of the character he is playing in his latest movie: