Watch: Thor Bjornsson Performs Monster, Bar-bending Deadlift

The Icelandic strongman continues to crush it at the gym with feats of herculean strength.

Thor Bjornsson deadlift attempt
Instagram / thorbjornsson

While some guys may slow down with age, Icelandic strongman Hafthor "Thor" Bjornsson is not one of them. 

Time and again, the perennial World's Strongest Man frontrunner dazzles his fans with extraordinary displays of strength and power. From pulling big rigs to hurling washing machines, Bjornsson is always willing to step up to the physical challenge. 

In his continued effort to earn that coveted top spot as the World's Strongest Man, "Thor" can often be found working hard in the gym, mastering his craft.

Check out his latest deadlift attempt:

Different angle of my 440kg/970lb deadlift! @thorspowergym

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That insane lift was just 30lbs shy of 1,000, according to the strongman. Not something you see every day at your local gym, but certainly a sight which we're accustomed to witnessing from a man who puts on similar types of eye-popping exhibitions on a regular basis. 

Here are some other recent monster lifts Bjornsson shared with his Instagram followers.