Garret Dillahunt has impressed the critics with a varied acting career that includes the sitcom Raising Hope and the apocalyptic drama-horror series Fear The Walking Dead, but his latest star-turn alongside Orlando Bloom in the newly released movie, Red Right Hand also proves that Dillahunt is a physical force to be reckoned with on set. Talking with M&F, the talented actor, and the movie’s directors reflect on making the intense finished product.

At age 59, Garret Dillahunt has done in all in the worlds of theater, television, and cinema, recalling that one of the most difficult stunts in his portfolio took place during the shoot for the movie Braven with Jason Momoa back in 2018.

“We had a fight scene at the end,” he recalls. “It sort of culminated in this giant knife fight, on a snowy cliff. He tackles me off of the cliff. We had the safety lines run up our pants and our safety vests under our clothes, so we were cabled in nice and strong. There was a crane and we actually go off this giant cliff and kind of slam into the side, on a pad that was just outside of the camera. It was exciting; to go backwards off a cliff with Jason Momoa landing on your chest. It was kind of cool.”

Still more than happy to mix it up physically, Dillahunt co-stars as Wilder in Red Right Hand, a story that follows Orlando Bloom’s character, Cash, as he is clawed back into the criminal underworld by the evil Queen pin known as Big Cat (played by Andie MacDowell.) Wilder who was also into some very bad things, is now a pastor, and assumes the role of Cash’s adviser and protector. The movie largely owes it’s dark and gritty feel to the films’ up and coming directors, the Nelms Brothers.

“Garret played Wilder with just the right amount of edge,” explains Ian Nelms in a chat with M&F. “Wilder has a dark past, like Cash, and we wanted the audience to be wary of him, to not know what he was capable of, and to be really excited with how his character finishes the film, without spoiling anything,” adds Eshom Nelms. For the first time on screen, Dillahunt shaved his head to bring Wilder to life. The actor shares that this did make him nervous but he was relived to see it grow back in. “The hair’s gonna fall out at some point,” he jokes. “This’ll be OK.”

Garret Dillahunt Evolved His Training For a More Complete Physique

Garret Dillahunt tells M&F that he loved to row in college, and had ambitions of being on the team at the University of Washington but his weight fell somewhere between the lightweight and

heavier boat crews, and he didn’t want to drastically change his weight so he pursued rowing for fun. While Dillahunt lifted heavy in his younger days, he says that he’s now far more focussed on functional fitness. “I love how fitness is evolving,” explains the star. “And now everyone has a hunger for a kind of more complete physique. It’s not about ‘show muscles’ anymore.”

These days, Garret Dillahunt, who has practised Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, loves to train with resistance bands to aid mobility. “And, I have special hooks for doors, for when I travel,” he adds. “Because often times there’s not a great gym in the hotels. I still love weight training. I lift different than I used to. My reps are a lot slower, it’s more about time under tension as opposed to just banging out reps.” The star says that he likes to lift around 4 times per week, and fills the remaining 3 days with mobility work or recovery methods such as an ice bath.

Dillahunt’s commitment to his craft was certainly not lost on the Nelms brothers during the shoot for Red Right Hand. “We had a lot on our plate and a short time to get it. With a ton of extras, it was taking too long to reset everyone and get them dialled on their specific action or motivation between takes. Garret saw this and was invaluable in helping us get everything dialled and reset between takes as quickly as possible,” says Ian. “He’s such a team player, and always doing everything he can to enhance the project or help his fellow actors. He’s a really physical guy, loves getting down and dirty in the action sequences, and is always a joy to be around,” adds Eshom.

Garret Dillahunt explains that working with Orlando Bloom, who also got himself into phenomenal shape for the movie, was another highlight of his career. “He was bigger than I’ve ever seen him,” recalls the actor. “And, he’s a real sweetheart as well.” As for whether or not Garret Dillahunt has any plans to slow down the action and be less physical when choosing future roles, it looks like our man has no plans to take a back seat anytime soon. “I can still jump, I can still run, and I like to fight,” says the star.

Red Right Hand is streaming now on Apple TV.