Nobody knows Chris Hemsworth better than his family—except maybe his longtime trainer and pal, Luke Zocchi. For the past eight years, Zocchi has been guiding the Aussie A-lister’s transformations for Thor, Avengers, and Men in Black.

“I’ve known Chris since we were 6,” Zocchi says. “We were friends all through high school. I used to do some amateur boxing. Chris would come down and watch me spar in the ring. I’d always say, ‘Jump in!’ And he’d quip, ‘I can’t get in there, I’d ruin my face!’ ” Smart move, because two decades (and $4 billion at the box office) later, Hemsworth’s megawatt mug is one of the most recognizable in the world.

But his latest project won’t be seen on the big screen—rather, a 6.5-inch one. It’s called Centr, and it’s touted as a personalized digital health and fitness program.

“I believe we all have untapped potential, and we all need support to achieve our goals,” Hemsworth says. “Centr puts the world’s best in the palm of your hand to help you develop a healthier body, a stronger mind, and a happier life.”

Hemsworth has assembled an Avengers-worthy team of trainers, chefs, and wellness experts, including his wife, actress and author Elsa Pataky; special-ops trainer Joseph Sakoda, aka “Da Rulk”; Hollywood trainer Gunnar Peterson; vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington; and Zocchi. 

Courtesy of Centr / M+F Magazine

It’s not that tough of a sell: Who doesn’t want a Norse god–like physique? 

“Even I want his triceps!” Zocchi says. But does it work? 

While on vacation in the Philippines, YouTuber Erik Conover got so sick from food poisoning he landed in the hospital for a week and lost 15 pounds. He then downloaded Centr to get himself back in shape. A month into the program, Conover was so amazed with his results that he posted his progress on his YouTube channel. The video went viral (more than 5 million views) and somehow made its way to Hemsworth. 

And because Hemsworth is a real-life superhero, he replied with his own video message: “Erik, what’s up mate? It’s Chris Hemsworth here. I saw your transformation, buddy. I’m in New York for a pre­miere and thought, ‘You know what? We should have a workout.’ ”

True to his word, Hemsworth and Conover teamed up on Day 60 for a “short but efficient” circuit that had the duo dripping in sweat. Motivated by his training sesh with Thor, Erik continued to mix up his routine with HIIT, kettlebells, and jump rope. By Day 90, Conover was at his heaviest—213 pounds of pure muscle. 

“Chris is really passionate about fitness,” Zocchi says. “It’s not like he just does it for a job. He does get superfit for roles, but he really enjoys being healthy himself. So many people ask him, ‘How did you do this? How did you do that?’ I think he just wants to share the things he’s learned along the way.”


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