You may think that skiing is for bougie socialites that want to feel like they’re getting a workout in before filling their glasses with craft beer and chardonnay—but you’d be wrong (well, mostly). 

Despite its high-class reputation, skiing is fun, affordable, and a serious workout. According to the Mayo Clinic, an hour of downhill skiing will burn about 300 calories. Log a full day—which is about 5-6 hours for most folks—and you’re looking at 1,500 to 1,800 calories burned. So there’s no need to turn down that brew. 

If you’re a newbie, the idea of strapping yourself to two slick blades and throwing yourself down the side of a mountain can be scary because, well, it is a little scary. But it’s a new year and time for you to try new adventures, which is why we’ve assembled this comprehensive guide to all things skiing—from form tips to a breakdown of the equipment you’ll to need to start. 

And to ensure we’re not steering you wrong, we turned to one of the most renowned big-mountain skiers in North America, Red Bull and The North Face athlete John Collinson (@johncollinson), for his expert advice. 


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