Stock Your Cold and Flu Survival Kit

Keep these items handy so that you’re ready to combat the most common symptoms when they strike.


Feeling achy? Rundown? Itchy throat? The last thing you'll feel like doing is running to the store for the items you need to combat a cold or the flu. Worse: by being out in public you could be spreading germs and making other people sick. The flu season can endure for four to five months, and you can catch a cold at any time of the year. It’s smart to be prepared by stocking your own cold and flu survival kit.

Pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos recommends this checklist for a well-stocked cold and flu kit. Hint: store the smaller items in one clear plastic container. That way, you won’t have to search through cabinets and cupboards for relief when you’d rather just crawl into bed.   


Many people forget to check their thermometer to see if it still works, which can be an issue with digital ones. Checking your temperature is important, especially for children, because if it becomes dangerously high it can lead to seizures.


Aim for 13 cups of water each day (nine cups for women) to help you stay hydrated. It also helps the body eliminate toxins (dry mucus membranes can make it easier for viruses to enter).

Nasal rinse

Saline rinses are increasingly recommended as a safe and natural way to help your body's natural mechanism for clearing sinus pressure and nasal congestion from cold and flu. In place of regular salt water, try a nasal wash with an extra boost such as Alkalol Nasal Wash, which contains a blend of natural extracts and essential oils to help dissolve mucus, relieve nasal congestion and alleviate nasal dryness. But be sure to use boiled or sterilized water.

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