The arrival of summer means hotter temperatures outside, and the heat being cranked on the competitors of the IFBB Pro League as they prepare to step onto bodybuilding’s ultimate stage.

The 2019 edition of Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend is right around the corner, and that means anyone who wishes to become the Olympia champion has no time to waste. Those that have already qualified are now in full prep mode. 

In years past, you’d have to wait until you’re in the arena, or watching the coverage, to see how the competitors look. If you wish to do either, you can find more information at

But thanks to the power of social media, specifically Instagram, we can get a sneak peek on their progress, or at least what they’re willing to share. Longtime fans will remember that we didn’t have the luxury of seeing anything like this with the pre-social media legends. 

Courtesy of Instagram, here’s a glance of last year’s champions, as well as the top 2019 contenders. From the looks of things, this year’s Olympia could be one of the best in its 50-plus year history!

Larry Scott

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