Anyone who says machines aren’t “functional” for strength training (only free weights and bodyweight) hasn’t tried Newtech equipment. Yes, they’re machines, but they’ll help you get bigger and stronger all while putting less strain on vulnerable joints like the shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips. Sounds pretty functional to us!

Newtech is locking down prime real estate at the Olympia World Fitness Expo in Orlando this weekend with over two dozen pieces for fitness lovers to try. Multiple squat machines, lat pulldown and bench press stations, and everything in between – this equipment line covers the entire body.

The Newtech pieces remind us of Hammer Strength equipment (particularly the plate-loaded machines), but a more updated version. Across the line, Newtech machines offer silky smooth motions through biomechanically correct movement patterns. They’re also endlessly adjustable with various grip and foot positions that accomodate lifters of all sizes, short to tall.

Newtech is relatively new to the U.S. market, having established itself in Korea over 10 years ago. You won’t find it many places right now other than Las Vegas’ popular TortureGym, but expect its footprint to grow in the coming years. This is a brand to keep an eye on, especially if you’re into building bigger, stronger muscles without wrecking your joints.

“Newtech machines represent a smarter way to train,” says TortureGym owner Jason Choi. “The exercises are working major movements and large muscle groups, but doing it with natural, smooth ranges of motion.”

According to Choi, Newtech equipment has been popular among the serious bodybuilding crowd in Vegas, and it’s also starting to attract the attention of professional athletes in the UFC, NFL, and NBA. Yet, Newtech machines offer a measure of safety that makes them just as useful for beginners and novice lifters.

“Everyone who tries these machines loves them,” says TortureGym co-owner Elly Choi. “Men, women, athletes, non-athletes – they all use Newtech at our gym.”

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