Ever since the Ms. Olympia contest was revived in 2020, women’s bodybuilding has seen great support from the fans. In return, the division has showcased new stars that are making names for themselves onstage and in the industry. One of those stars is Theresa Ivancik, who was seventh at the 2022 Ms. Olympia contest. Ivancik joined Isabelle Turell on a new episode of The Fit Rockstar Show, and she explained the difference between her first experience in 2020, where she placed 14th, and 2022.

“It’s really weird. The first year is like Amateur to the Olympia. We have to look at it as a whole,” said Ivancik. “I went from 14th to 7th. For me, it’s about being realistic with your goals, and I was extremely happy with that.”

Obviously, Ivancik has every intention of returning to the Olympia stage, and she feels she can improve on that in 2023. She expects to do so thanks to working with her new coach, Andrew Vu. She told Turell that Vu is stern but wants the best for his athletes. They already have the plan in place for when Ivancik returns to competition.

“He’s all about conditioning this year, so I want to bring the absolute best, shredded version of me with full muscle bellies to the stage, and I think we’ll be able to do that together.”

Ivancik went on to say that their initial plan was to enter the 2023 Toronto Pro, scheduled for June 4th in Toronto, Canada. She and Turell talk about when Ivancik’s husband proposed to her after her Norfolk Pro win, why she is no longer taking clients as a coach herself, and much more. You can see the whole interview by going to the Olympia TV YouTube channel. While you’re there, subscribe so you can see all new episodes of FRS as well as Prime Time Muscle, Femme Flex Friday, and all the other great content leading up to the 2023 Olympia.