Valenti Gold Cup Correa, Hadzovic, Stern, & Robles Win

When Eduardo Correa comes to town, he doesn't come to show, he comes to win. Correa walked away with an easy win trouncing the highly touted Seth Feroce who placed 7th. Using this as a warm-up show, Correa showed up in his trademark excelent condition. But you can tell he is saving some gas in the tank for the big show in three weeks. Correa will be going head to head with the current champ, Keving English as well as James Flex Lewis, Jose Raymond and Giant Killer David Henry.

Raul Carrasco earned a well deserved 2nd place finish followed by Charles Dixon and Branden Ray. Carrasco always comes in peeled, but here's the thing about the 212 Division…not only do you have to weigh below 212, but you have to look like you weigh 240. Carrasco looks all of 212 so he will have to add a bit more mass to get better call-outs in the future. Ray improved immensely as seen in his latest workout video here at flexonline, but it wasn't enough to break into the top 3.

The beautiful Erin Stern easily walked away with the Figure win here at the Valenti Gold Cup in Sarasota, FL, but will she be able to knock Erin Stern off the mountain to reclaim her Figure Olympia title in 3 weeks? Follow Erin Stern's Road to the Olympia at Muscle and Fitness Hers –> HERE.





Bikini & Fitness


IFBB Pro 212
1. Eduardo Correa 
2. Raul Carrasco 
3. Charles Dixon 
4. Branden Ray 
5. Benjamin Parra 
6. Nate Wonsley 
7. Seth Feroce 
8. Willie Vegas 
9. Parenthesis Devers 
10. James Darling 

IFBB Pro Men
1. Sadik Hadzovic 
2. Michael Anderson 
3. William Sullivan 
4. Anthony Scotti 
5. Craig Capurso 
6. Deniz Duygulu 
7. Chris Mercadel 
8. David Herskovitz 
9. Matthew Acton 
10. Steve Mousharbash 
11. Sheridan Hause 
12. Matt DuBois 
13. Joe Herr 
14. Micah Seyler 

IFBB Pro Women
1. Karina Nacimento 
2. Frances Mendez 
3. Nekole Hamrick 
4. Mikaila Soto 
5. Gloria Fauls 
6. Karen Gatto 
7. Erin Lawson 
8. Jill Dearmin 
9. Petra Mertl 
10. Susan Salazar 
11. Rose-Anne Duvigneaud 
12. Michelle Bates 
13. Christi Torborg 
14. Antonia Perdikakis 

IFBB Pro Figure
1. Erin Stern 
2. Kamla Macko 
3. Aleisha Hart 
4. Andrea Cantone 
5. Candice John 
6. Tiffany Archer 
7. Holly Beck 
8. Tatiana Koshman 
9. Tanya Etessam 
10. Vicki Counts 
11. Tivisay Briceno 
12. Queren Cabrera 
13. Vickie Borman 
14. Laurie Schenelle 
15. Elvimar Sanchez 
16. Alessandra Pinheiro 
16. Natalie Calland 
16. Catherine Holland 

IFBB Pro Bikini
1. Yeshaira Robles 
2. Lacey DeLuca 
3. Marcela Tribin 
4. Tianna Ta 
5. Vida Guerra 
6. Gemmalyn Crosby 
7. Adriana Hill 
8. Julianna Daniell 
9. Aniedra Lynn 
10. Jennifer Elliott 
11. Cecile Palacios 
12. Sara LeBlanc 
13. Lexi Kaufman 
14. Bernadett Matassa 
15. Jessica Fletcher 

IFBB Pro Fitness
1. Myriam Capes 
2. Camala Rodriguez 
3. Hollie Stewart 
4. Kizzy Vaines 
5. Ryall Graber 
6. Vanda Hadarean 
7. Tiffany Robinson 
8. Jacklyn Sutton Abrams 
9. Allison Ethier 
10. Missy Farrell 


IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro 2012