EVL Prage 2012 Pro Contest Information

Open and 212 Bodybuilding and Bikini Pro to be held in Prague at this year's Prague Pro

EVL Prage 2012 Pro Contest Information

This year´s EVL´s Prague Pro will be held on 27 October 2012 in Prague and for the first time in its history also the OLYMPIA AMATEUR BIKINI, which is one of the new variants of the highest and legendary bodybuilding competition Mr. Olympia.

The license for this competition within this year´s EVL´s Prague Pro has exclusively been provided by American Media, which is the holder of official licenses by Joe Weider, the founder of the professional bodybuilding and of the well-known competition Mr. Olympia.

Competitions shall include the following categories:

1)    Men’s Bodybuilding Open
2)    Men’s Bodybuilding 212
3)    Bikini Pro
4)    Olympia Amateur Bikini

In contrast to the brute muscularity, the last two categories will present the gentle beauty of formed and reinforced women´s bodies.

This significant sports event will also include an exhibition (EXPO) with accompanying sports program, e.g. armwrestling, Zumba introduction and others. During the EXPO the partners will be given an opportunity to present their products and acquire new business contacts - like in the course of the evening banquet.

On Friday, 26 October 2012, you as sponsors can take part in the press conference EVL´s Prague Pro.